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I regret to inform you that Tom Nichisch, W8AMZ, has fell Silent Key.

I have worked very hard these past weeks since Tom passed to clear up any outstanding orders and believe that, at this time, all orders should be up to date and the processing of new orders is now on going.

I am of the mindset that orders here should, and will, take the highest priority, fulfilled within a reasonable time frame, provided that we have the product available to ship. Now that I have Toms duties as well as my own, building antennas, there maybe a delay in communications either via phone or email, please be patient as I work to refine the process. 



    Tom Nichisch,W8AMZ



I want to take this opportunity to apologize and thank everyone that has ordered antennas from us since March and had to deal with slow service because of my health problems resulting from a series of strokes I suffered. Thank you to my XYL Tricia and kids and family and local Hams, they helped me to keep us going and stay in business. Without them I could have never kept it going. I am doing much better in my recovery but still have a long road ahead of me.

Thanks again,

73' Tom W8AMZ



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News Flash!

Please have a look at our 80m and 160m
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W8AMZ Amateur Radio Products offers a line of popular and very well built amateur radio antennas and accessories.

We are continually adding new products to the lineup and encourage
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As a very important added point, ALL W8AMZ Amateur Radio Products are proudly Made In The USA.
Even more so, I always use American manufactured components whenever possible.